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Joyous Tidings

ATTENTION: Do not substitute brands without our approval!

ATTENTION: This set should be gift-wrapped in a basket with red/white decor & red bow (as pictured). PLEASE make it look as close to the photo as possible.

  • Raisin & Chocolate Chip Cookies 100 gr;
  • French Dusted Truffles 150 gr;
  • Chocolate Caramels 150 gr;
  • Hard Candies 100 gr;
  • Peanut Butter (or Jam) 300 gr;
  • Peppermint hard candies 100 gr;
  • Chocolate Pralines 100 gr;
  • Quality Cookies 50 gr;
  • Box of Ferrero chocs 200 gr or similar;
  • Hot chocolate 100 gr;
  • Quality chocolate bar 100 gr;
  • Basket;
  • Gift Wrapping;
  • Greeting Card.
Oslo flowers  -  Joyous Tidings Flower Bouquet/Arrangement Product Code: 1806no
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